5 Problems That Stem From Neglecting Water Damage Repair

water damage repair rancho santa margarita, water damage rancho santa margarita, water damage cleanup rancho santa margaritaThe worst mistake you can make after a flood is neglecting to remove the water and not repair the damage quickly. If there were a golden rule for water damage restoration, this would probably be it. So why is this the case? There are a number of serious complications and problems that can spring up as a result of stalled water damage repair. From our water damage cleanup experts at Flood Restoration in Rancho Santa Margarita, below are five of those complications.

Health Risks

There are a number of health problems that can be brought on by water damage. The most serious of these is contaminated water. Contaminated water occurs when the floodwater contains some degree of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. If your home is ever flooded with contaminated water, you should do all you can to avoid contact with the water and leave the cleanup job to restoration professionals. The risk of contaminated water grows even worse over time as well. This occurs when the harmful bacteria in the water seeps into your walls, carpet, furniture, etc. over time making them hazardous as well. 

Damaged Carpet

Carpets are durable but only to a point. Carpet is not meant to be constantly wet, so leaving water damage untreated will cause your carpet to break down. Leave it for too long and the padding below the carpet and subfloor will start to weaken, loosen, decay and warp. A water damaged carpet can be a long-term headache and will be a costly thing to repair.

Weakened Wood Floors And Walls

Wood acts like a sponge so water damage to wood floors is common. Because wood is so absorbent, the longer you wait for water damage restoration, the more it spreads throughout your flooring system, warping and buckling. Wait too long and the structure of your house can become compromised.

Discolored Walls And Ceilings

One of the most unappealing sights in a home is a ceiling or wall that is stained or discolored by water damage. The longer you wait to restore the damage after a flood, the more prominent these stains will be. To make matters worse, such staining and discoloration are usually an indication that there is a mold problem as well. Mold within your walls or ceiling is a serious issue that sometimes requires completely tearing down parts of your home to completely fix. 

Ruined Drywall

Drywall is not designed to withstand moisture. Even a small amount of moisture in your drywall over an extended period of time is enough to completely ruin it. Drywall is one of the main reasons why water damage restoration needs to be so urgent. 

Professional Water Damage Repair In Rancho Santa Margarita

If your home is in need of water damage repair after a flood, we at Flood Restoration in Rancho Santa Margarita are here to help! Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us as soon as you possibly can after a flood to prevent water damage in your home from getting any worse than it needs to be.

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